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You’re Not Going to Put Your Gadgets in That Are You?

Find out how to stylishly carry your laptop, phone and tablet around

Have you ever experienced the challenge of trying to lock down a bag or case that is worthy of carrying your new gadgets? It gets quite serious. Not only are you reading up on specs and features to make sure your technological baby is kept safe, but also you’re simultaneously judging bags and cases by their aesthetic appeal. It’s a difficult task for sure, which is why a lot of people think stylish laptop, phone and tablet accessories just don’t exist.

Well, we’re here to spread the good news: they exist! Check out our brand new Ultimate Man’s Guide to Tech Accessories.



Bring out Your Romantic Side with These Fall Must-have Home Decor

With the fall season just around the corner, and farewells to sunshine and pleasant weather happening soon, nothing seems more appealing than cozying up at home with a loved one. We found some of the best items on the web for you to help spice things up or get extra comfy at home!

1. Portsmouth Apron

Surprise your other half with a home cooked meal. What’s the occasion? The real question is: do really need one? Play chef for the night, experiment with your cooking skills and look cute yet professional with this chic apron. 

2. Momentary Escape Candle

Candles are just what you need to set the ambience for the cozy nights that will be spent at home during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Tip: Once these burn out, you can use them as decorative pieces too! 

3. ONZIE Palazzo Pants

This versatile palazzo can be worn while chilling at home or for a casual lunch date with friends; its elastic waist keeps it extremely comfortable! No need to worry about surprise visits at home; with this palazzo, you’ll be looking fab anyways! Click through to see more patterns and find the one that suits your style the most. 

4. Evelyn Throw

These homey throws are available in gorgeous colours and are exactly what you need for the movie nights with that special someone or your besties. Wrap yourself around in these and stay at peace with the cold outside.

5. WildFox Do Not Disturb PJ Set

The perfect set of PJ’s! Look fab even just before going to bed. The combination of cream and navy blue gives it a graceful aesthetic, and the lycra will keep you extremely warm during the cold nights. 

6. Gilded Rim Stemware

Did anyone say wine? Nothing sums up a night better than a glass of fine wine. These elegant glasses will lighten the mood at your home and keep it all at ease.

7. Paula Bianco Infinity Scarf

When it gets a bit too chilly, put on this super comfy infinity scarf. With its warmth wrapped around your neck, you’ll be ready to face unfriendly weather both inside and outside your home. As a plus, the scarf’s color can easily match anything you decide to wear.

8. Skechers Cozy Up Booties

These cozy booties can be worn at home with your PJs, and will help you stay warm and comfy while looking cute! You’ll feel protected from the cold, and still look adorable in whatever you choose to wear them with.

Candles, throws, wine glasses and comfy clothes – we’re definitely ready for the fall season. So get excited and look forward to the cold, cozy days that wait in the not-so-distant future!


Have You Ever Worn Blazers on Your Feet?

We have! Nike Blazers that is.

Okay, if you haven’t had the chance rock Nike Blazers yet, do yourself a favor and try ‘em on. These classically-styled kicks are super comfy and pair amazingly well with any outfit. They look great on both guys and girls too! One of the most unique Blazers we’re seen of late? The pieces from Nike’s Floral Collection. Check out the 3 vibrant kicks from the set:

1) Nike Floral Print Blazer (LA)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (LA)

2) Nike Floral Print Blazer (Chicago)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (Chicago)

3) Nike Floral Print Blazer (New York)

Nike Floral Print Blazer (New York)

So much floral blazer love. But if you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll find more Nike Blazers here.

We have our hearts set on the New York Dandelion Blazer. Which city’s floral design do you like the most in the list? Let us know!




Want Tip: The Case for Chambray

So you’re looking for a shirt that goes with everything. Something you can wear tucked, untucked, dressed-up, dressed-down, under a jacket, over a tee, or on its own. Something wearable for fall and winter, and works even better for spring and summer. It does exist, but you’ve probably just underestimated this button-up menswear piece every time you’ve seen it. This is the case for chambray shirts and why you should include them in your wardrobe.

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You’ll Want to Have Your Feet in These Comfy Flats 

Upgrade your shoe collection with these 5 best comfy flats!

1. Vans Authentic Lo Pro Sneaker

Who says you can’t wear florals for fall? This darling pair of Vans is perfect if you’re going for an effortless look. Back in school for the season? You can walk around campus feeling comfy after a long, tiring day and still look fab with these flats on!

2. J.Crew Emma Leather Ballet Flats

This simple yet extremely classy ballet flat from J.Crew is available in any color you wish for. Not a fan of neon shades? Don’t worry, there’s also burgundy, blue, grey, nude, and green to choose from. There’s no way you can go wrong with this. Additional bonus? The leather will keep you warm!

3. The Sak Frannie Flats

The Frannie flat is budget-friendly and comes in all sorts of colors. The adorable stitching gives it an aesthetic that makes it perfect for the fall season. Want something more than just solid colors? It’s available in patterned stitching as well!

4. Steve Madden Athen Sandal

This super stylish Steve Madden gladiator sandal is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. Wear it while you still can; before you know it, summer’s gone and you’ll be faced with deep nostalgia! Pair it with anything from a pair of shorts to a maxi dress, or even palazzo pants.

5. MIA Beverly Loafer

In a mood to party and want to be both stylish and comfy? Your wish has been granted! Check out this super chic, yet not over done, loafer from MIA. Wear it with an eye-catching sequin dress or a more toned-down tea dress, either way this shoe will complete the outfit nicely!

Which comfy flat style did you like the most? Let us know! Check out Wantering for more comfy flats too!.

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(Main photo from The August Diaries)


What’s Your Watch Personality?

6 watch styles for every outfit

Watches do more than just tell the time. You can actually find out a lot about your personality based upon what watch style you wear. Are you an outdoorsy kind of guy, who likes to wear a timepiece with a purpose or do you keep it simple and basic just to stay on top of the hour? We’ve rounded up the best watches of the season to suit any personality type. To figure out your signature style, read our guide below.

1. Rugged: Diesel Men’s Chronograph Watch

Whether you’re a fitness buff who needs extra durability for your watch or if you just like pieces with hyper-masculine design, you’ll find that rugged watches never fail to attract attention with their large face and bold colors. Not only are they great for water sports or hiking, they’re also the perfect function meets fashion piece. 

2. Quirky: Disney Golden Years Mickey Mouse Rotator Watch

Who says you have to stop wearing fun watches when you reach a certain age? Quirky watches are a great way to show your cheeky personality. Make sure you consider the setting when you wear playful watches as they probably won’t work for business meetings or black tie events.

3. Retro: Casio A168WA Digital Bracelet Watch

Find yourself wearing vintage gear more often than not? Retro must be in your style DNA. Casio and Timex have a great selection of retro watches that you can pair with your 90’s-style snapbacks and sneakers.

4. Minimalist: TWELVE Issey Miyake Wrist Watch

Refined style is a tricky thing. The ability to combine the simplest menswear clothes and accessories to create sleek looks takes a good eye.

5. Classic: Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch

You can never go wrong with classic menswear, and same goes for watches. Classic timepieces have a balanced design and dial size that go with any outfit. Pair them with sharp suits, tailored jeans and tees, or casual shorts and polos combos.

6. High-End: Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk Watch

So status is what you’re after? If you’re draped in custom suits and like to spend big bucks on accessories that can reach the price of an automobile, then high-end watches will meet your needs. These statement pieces can be pricey, but you won’t be disappointed in the quality nor the value.

Which watch style do you normally go for? Let us know! And if you’re looking for a new piece to add to your collection, you can find on-trend watches on Wantering.



Easy Rider

5 Ways to Wear Your Leather Jacket

One of our must-have closet staples, a leather jacket is seasonless, versatile and oh-so chic. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make, no matter your style - from preppy to hipster and, of course, edgy, the outfit possibilities are endless. And while a buttery jacket from Burberry or Saint Laurent would, of course, be every girls’s dream, luckily there are a ton of lustworthy alternatives from high street brands that you’re guaranteed to be obsessed with. Shop our picks below and see how to wear them here!

1. Members Only Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket

2. ASOS Textured Biker Jacket

3. Rebecca Minkoff Wes Moto Jacket

4. Zara Leather Biker Jacket

5. Warehouse Leather Biker Jacket

How would you wear your leather jacket?


Would You Wear The Newly Stylized Google Glass?

You have to admit, they’re more chic compared to the first Glass. Adding design cues from some of today’s popular eyewear shapes and designs, the new Glass could look like any other glasses… with an Android powerhouse that does magical tech wonders.

Google Glass Split Frame

Google Glass Split Frame

DVF Made for Glass Charcoal Frames

DVF Made for Glass Charcoal Frames

Whether you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a pair, or you just want to see what all the fuss is about, check out these Google Glass styles for men and the DVF Made for Glass collection for women.

Watch this video to see how it feels like to roam around NY with the Glass *ability to summon super street style photographer Scott Schuman not included*:

Have a stylish Wednesday!
Wantering Editors


Which denim brand does Jennifer Lawrence love to wear? This is how to get her girl next door look!

One of our favorite celebrity style icons is J.Law. When she’s not wearing a giant Dior gown, her “normal” off-duty style is super casual and comfortable. She is almost always in a pair of jeans, top, flats and a fedora. But what you really need to know is, who is one of her fave denim brands? Find out on Wantering here



Men’s Luxury Loungewear

You’ve probably seen them already: stylish gents wearing loungewear pieces and actually looking amazing in them. It’s a trend that quickly picked up over summer, and is only getting more popular for fall and seasons to come. Don’t try to get in on the action just by wearing your pajamas out of the house though. Read more about how to wear loungewear in different stylish ways in the full luxury loungewear trend report, and see some of the key trend pieces below.

1. Scotch & Sods Slub Henley T-Shirt

2. H&M Jersey Shorts

3. True Religion Runner Jogger Pants

4. Our Legacy 50’s Great Sweatshrt

5. Lanvin Unstructured Wool Blend Blazer

6. Phlip Kimono-Sleeve Robe

7. Dockers Nap Slippers